Unique Content

So why  we say that “unique content is important?”

 what is Unique Content  ?

Half of the problem has come as a consequence of a shallow understanding of Google’s Panda algorithm. While Panda does work by actively punishing sites which have very little unique content according to definition 1, its overarching goal was not to punish duplication. If you look back to the inception of the Panda algortihm and the questionnaire that influenced its creation - it’s clear it was created with the goal of rewarding high quality sites and punishing low quality sites, as determined by users. Non-unique and duplicate content was found to correlate extremely well with these low quality sites, but really the goal was separating the wheat from the chaff.

As Google iterates improves its algorithm, Panda (and/or other signals aiming to achieve the same thing) will get better at deciphering “quality” and “unique” in the proper sense of the words, rather than just seeing things as “different from what’s already out there“. Simply having content that is different from everything else, without ensuring that it’s remarkable, special or specifically belonging to your brand, will not save you from the next generation of Panda algorithms. As such, if you’re creating content simply for the sake of adding positive algorithmic signals, you’re likely to be looking back in 12 months time realizing your effort has been wasted.
Back in 1995, if you had a website, you were ahead of the game.  In 1996, if you had CSS, you were ahead of the game. If you had done online video by 2004, you were ahead of the game. In 2008, if you had a site that worked responsively across mobile devices including tablets then you were ahead of the game. In 2010, if you had created content specifically designed for audience retention and customer acquisition you were probably ahead of the game, but now, in 2013, it’s mandatory. If you think you’ve created unique content but it’s not returning value for you, then your content isn’t unique enough.
value of content
Just as companies require a unique value proposition that defines them as betterthan the competition in some concrete way, so does content. Therefore, I propose that we need to consciously shift our conception of ”unique content“ away from being something that is just different from other things out there and towards a definition which encompasses the true nature of content that will provide both algorithmic value for SEO and value for users. To do this we must be normative about what different should mean.
How can you know that all your contents are 100% unique ?
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Remember one thing Unique post is like a heart for websites