On-Page Seo for Blogger

Post Title:

Title is that the very first thing that goes to look in search engine results. it\'s important to optimize it for higher ranking the search results. Write professional blog post title with some attractive keywords like \"10 tips to...\" or \"How to...\" etc.
Write 60 word post title and use main keyword that you would like to rank your post.

Use Headings:

Headings make the content more managed and respectable. Properly use heading tags to divide the content into totally different components. Use H1 tag for main heading and then H2 and H3.

Use Bold, Italic Or Underline:

Use these options to highlight the main part of your content. These components are given more important by search engines whereas analyzing the content. try and bold the main keyword of your post within the post body.

Add Links:

Links are important for any content. it would be from your own website from an outdoor supply. There square measure 2 quite link choices on the market in search engines.
SEO tips

Seo tips for blogger

Do follow:

The default link in blogger is with a dofollow tag. Do follow links are those links that share the Page-rank juice.

No follow links: 

No follow links don\'t pass PR juice. Add no follow attribute to all or any the links that are from an outside source.

Use Images:

Image speaks a thousand word. Use pictures to create your content user friendly. There are totally different seo choices available for pictures in blogger.

Rename image name before uploading it to blogger:

Add image title and different text to image by clicking the image within the post editor so selecting \"Properties\".
Use your main keyword in each of the on top of available options.

Adding Label:

Categorize the post using a correct label. Adding labels create breadcrumbs for search engines that help them to grasp the content more.

Use Permalink:

Add a custom permalink to your post. By default blogger use the post title as your post title. By adding a custom links, it\'ll give another sense to search engines to help them understand your content.

Add Meta Description:

Add 150 words meta description regarding your post that embrace the basic keywords and somewhat introduction regarding your post. This meta description is commonly utilized by search engines in the search results.

<head><meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description. This will often show up in search results."></head>

Thing To Avoid while Writing A Post:

Avoid keyword density.
Never do grammatical mistakes, as sites with mistakes are not given importance in search.
Never post adult content on the web site because it might cause your reader to go away your most.