Site Design & Search engine issue

1. Site Crawlability

All Search engines “crawl” web sites, going from one page to another incredibly quickly, acting like hyperactive speed readers. They make copies of your pages that get stored in which called an “index,” which is like a massive book of the web.
When someone searches, the search engine flips through this big book, finds all the relevant pages and then picks out what it thinks are the very best ones to show first. To be found, you have to be in the book. To be in the book, you have to be crawled.
Most sites generally don’t have crawling issues, but there are things that can cause problems. For example, JavaScript or Flash can potentially hide links, making the pages those links lead to hidden from search engines. And both can potentially cause the actual words on pages to be hidden.
Each site is given a crawl budget, an approximate amount of time or pages a search engine will crawl each day, based on the relative trust and authority of a site. Larger sites may seek to improve their crawl efficiency to ensure that the ‘right’ pages are being crawled more often. The use of robots.txt, internal link structures and specifically telling search engines to not crawl pages with certain URL parameters can all improve crawl efficiency.

2. Site Speed

Google wants to make the web a faster place and has declared that speedy sites get a small ranking advantage over slower sites.
But speed can reinforce other factors and may actually improve others. We’re an impatient bunch of folks these days. So engagement (and conversion) on a site may improve based on a speedy load time.
Speed up your site! Search engines and humans will both appreciate it.
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3. Mobile Site or Responsive Design 

Many of our website builder create website for only PC user. But there are a lots of user who used mobile / tab / notebook etc. So we must make site for them also . We can make our site's mobile version. But Responsive design is the easiest way to make site visible and nice in all browsing device.
as a sample our  is a responsive site.