Top 16 Online Earning Ways

You are so lucky that you find this article about Top 16 Online Earning Ways In this article you’ll find all the best ways to make money in your spare time. Many of the people want to earn money from online. But most of the people can’t find the real way to earn. I will keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it in your browser. You can share this article with your friends
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Recently we have two ways to earn. Thats are:  

Best Earning Ways from online

Risk Full Earning

1.  As a beginner I never suggest you to earn money with investment. But some people earn a lot off with a big investment. Do you ever listen about forex market? If your answer is yes, you can do experiment with
How to earn with etoro

Earn with eToro is quite simple but risk full. Here people invest their money to forex traders. Traders earn with your investment and give people a percentage of their earning. eToro has 4 million users worldwide. It has recently featured in the BBC.

Warning: Trading can be volatile and you can lose money, so don’t invest your life saving into it

Forex Bank
Forex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
2.   Forex: Forex is the great way to earn a lot of in short time. I know many who invest only 5000$ at forex and earn upto 100000 $ in a month. But I know also some people who lose their life invest after a good earning. Forex market is quite risk full. You should learn a lot if you want to earn a lot. But remember a little learning is a dangerous thing. I never suggest learning and earning with forex. In my next article I will tell you about Forex and how can you learn forexing.

Warning: Quite risk full. Start forex at your own risk. Never invest a lot

Risk Free Earning

1.     Online surveys: This system is increasing day by day. But I suggest it to students only who wants to earn some as a part time job on online. Make money is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Anyone can earn up to 3$ with some surveys!  A few good to try are Toluna, Pinecone, MySurvey, etc

2.     Start your own website: I suggest to young people to watch a movie named “The Social Network”. For watch this movie online click here. This movie give inspireation to young people to think large.  I said when you think large you can make large. Mark Zukarbarg who is the CEO of facebook. Started facebook when he was a student of a university. Now he was the Young Billionaire of the world. Infact I started from his inspiration. If you want to learn web designe you can find many good website on google search. Or you can also bookmark us for Web Devlopmement Tutorial.

3.     Google Adsens: Google Adsens is a trusted advertises system for website and blog. If you have a website with large number of visitor. You can earn publish ad on your website or blog. Google adsens is a PPC ( Pay Per Click ) program . It pay to you on every clicks from you visitor on advertise. Learn more about Google Adsens Click here.

4.     Other PPC Program : Google adsens is the best of all but it is quite hard to get approved by Google Adsens team. They approved only If you follow their term and condition. So if you can’t follow the rules of them you can try different PPC ads ClickHere to learn more.

5.     Pay per View: Pay per view ads. Now a day’s visitor do not clicks on ads so you can use pay per view ads which are called popup ads also. This ads will popup when a visitor come to your website or blog site. I suggest you Popcash Ad Network.  Click Here to register with PopCash. If you want learn more about PopCash you can Comment here for request an article about popcash.

6.     Earn With Link Shorten : If you have no website or blog you can earn money also from link shorten site like witjh adfly. You Can See a demo of adfly Click Here for demo. I think you understand the process. Click Here for register a adfly account then short some link with adfly share the short link in facebook, twitter, Google+  and many more social network as your wish or via guest post.

7.     Write and publish ebook: If you are good at any topic you can research more from google . And write a e-book. Then you can sell you e book at Amazon Kindle Store . Anyone can publish ebook and money. List your book for 2$ - 7$ and you can earn 70% of the sale.

8.     Affiliate Marketing : If you got a good presence on social media or have a blog or website you can promote different website. 
  1. Wikipidia: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.
9.     Buy and Sell Domain name:  A domain name is just a website address {eg. ‘’ Buy domain from Godaddy or Hostclation

1   Sell your Photos: Capture or draw awesome photos and sell them via different website Fotolia or istockphoto

   Sell Your Web Designe or template: On of the greatest way is web designe or  selling your template at themeforest

Earn with Youtube: Earning with youtube videos is quite easy as 1 2 3. Google accept adsens request when user wants to add adsens to his videos. This is the only one earning system via youtube but much workfull.

PTC Earning: PTC means Pay to Click . Here You will get 1-2 cent per click. You can earn via referral link here also. Most of the PTC site are fake. But I can suggest you  some real ptc site like NEOBUX ,    

    PPD Earning : PPD mean Pay Per Download. You can upload your files or anything ( non-adult) and share their download link in forum , Facebook, twitter, Digg, Blog etc and earn money for every download.
Most of the people ask me how PPD give us per Download . Really LOL because Real PPD site gives us 1-2$ per 10000 download. I highly recommanded you Ziddu . 

So start online income now . Best of luck.

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