WordPress Template like Techtunes

Techtunes is on of the greatest website in Bangladesh. Everyone loves Techtunes template because it is quite simple and unique. A quite ad space. It is also suitable for Google Adsens. This template is only for use in wordpress. I know that some one want techtunes template for blogspot. I will share techtunes template for blogger blog. After few days. Now take the wordpress template like techtunes.

Techtunes template has many feature :
  • Custom Logo option – You can upload your custom logo on the place of site title. Suggested dimensions are 300 x 60.
  • Custom Background – Theme supports background color changes and a background image.
  • Fresh dashboard- This theme support a fresh dashboard.
  • Footer widgets - bottom of your page you can use 3 footer widgets
  • Back To Top - There is a nice back to top scrolling button on theme footer
  • Code highlighter - Use pre tag to code highlight on your post.

Short Description from there facebook page: Techtunes is the world's first, the largest, most popular complete unicode based technology social media, social network, on-line community and bangla technology blogging platform in Bangladesh.

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[[ This template is created by Marks It BD ]]
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