How to use google keyword research tool

Every blogger should learn a thing from the first day of blogging that is keyword research. However today I will show you how to use Keyword Planner a popular product of Google.

What is Google Keyword Planner tool?
Google Keyword tool is an official product from Google, which gives us traffic estimation of  target Keywords and also help in finding more relevant and related keywords for your article or post.

So Let's Start 

1. At First Go To Google Keyword tool

2. Sign In there with your Google account. Remember your Google account age should be 18+

3. Click on Search for new keywords and group ideas as shown below

4. This is the main page for research Show below image I marked 8 box's from number 1 to 8. I describe using of all box's below

  1. In this box write your topic name. Suppose our topic is Android,  write Android there.
  2. Landing page
  3. Give here your product category.
  4. Select location if your post only for specific countries you can select country name from tab 4
  5. Select language if your post on other language, you can select language from tab 5
  6. From tab 6 you can select keyword only for google or other searh partner.
  7. null
  8. you can select date range from box 8
After that Click On  Get Ideas

Here a result will display in a few seconds. Then click on keyword ideas.

This is our keyword result page we  as our topic is Android we can show this tool show many keywords here. Now a question come here which keyword should use?

Which type's of keyword should use?

answer: We should use that keywords which's are get a large number of monthly search up to 1000 or 2000 is good and  low or medium competition keyword. If you use Google Adsense you can increase your cpc by using high bid keywords. But don't forget about competition. Low competition helps a site to rank on search engine faster.

Final words: Well this is the besic step for keyword research this is a large topic. And I write for newbies for that reason I'm trying to make an article easier as I can.Subscribe us for the future update