How to write a quality content for better traffic to your site

A good writer should have good writing skills for write a good article. Many people hire freelancer for write blog post which is not a good tips for maintain a blog. today i will show you how to write good blog post. 

First of all write for readers not for search engine. While keywords are important to SEO, the readers are the ones who will be reading your site and, hopefully, using your business based on what they read. Make sure your content is engaging and reads correctly while incorporating keywords, do not stuff keywords randomly throughout the copy. 

Before beginning to write a article you should make a checklist for how you describe full topic to readers. Keywords are undoubtedly smart, however too many keywords can cause detrimental effects on your search engine ranking. Use a free or paid keyword following service to examine out the keywords you plan to use and see if there may well be higher ones. opt for a few of keywords for every article or page for best results. 

However I made a checklist for write a quality content here it is below.
Ability of create a unique article
       In my age of blogging I see many writers who copied other post and pest to their site. They does't have ability to write. They write for search engine not for readers. If a readers found low quality content in your blog he/she never come back to your site again. This is a reason of increasing your bounce rate. First of all write unique article and tri to make it attract full.

▢ Keyword Research
Keyword research is most important part of writing a blog post professional blogger always search keyword for targeted visitor 

Make your post scannable
 In We know that most of reader's doesn't read full post they  scanning the page for individual words or phrases, headings and alternative visual cues. Studies have shown that reading from a screen is additional tiring and so and therefore twenty fifth slower than reading from paper – thus scanning becomes a way that most use.
Is your blog Scannable? It’s a pretty easy thing to check. ask a friend who isn't familiar with your website to require to take explore many of your recent posts. give them fifteen to thirty seconds on every post, at the end of that you raise them what the post was about. You’ll quickly get a sense of how they’ve. Follow below's step to write a scannable post.

How long a blog post should?  
      This is a very much common question I found from newbies. Really it depends on your topic But my suggestion is don't write a post below 500 word. A good article should have 2000+ words for better traffic. little post can penalized you by google.

Make a good and unique post title
    See this picture from below, this is a screen shot from google search engie here Top 16 Online Earning Ways is the post title. 


When we search this post titel to google see whats happen from below image. 

We found Our article in font page of google but it is showing in 5th result because the top 4 site have same keywords. And their page rank is better now. I think you understand the importance of choose a good and unique title. we should keep limit Title Characters length to 65 Characters with spaces.

Hint for create a good and unique title : Never think yourself as a writer think that you are a reader and found what a reader found for ?

Post Permalink Structure
      Then it’s time to going ahead with a search engine optimized URL structure. Again, you should aim at using targeted keywords towards the start of blog post URL. you ought to avoid using special characters, symbols, brackets, comma’s etc as a part of your post URL. Most of the times you ought to be using alphabets and numeric from 0-9 in your URL structure and use dashes to differentiate two strings in URL structure. make sure to follow a reasonably permalink instead of random strings in your permalink.

Keyword Density
  You should keep the keyword density to up to 2 percent only. You should be using your main keyword once in first paragraph and then in the last paragraph apart from regular use in blog post content. You should use bold, italic and underline to highlight important keywords and phrases in your blog post. 

Add Content Related Image

100 words can be said by a Image. But I don't tell you to say all thing in a image. We will use content related image to help reader to understand content.
Interlinking in contents
You should link out to related blog posts from your blog to send additional page rank and traffic to them. Interlinking of blog posts naturally will help your blog readers spend more time on your blog. But you should not overdo it. While linking out to your own blog pages, you should use keyword rich anchor text as that will help the linking posts perform better on Google and other search engines for their targeted anchor texts. Also, keep variation while internal linking but don’t confuse Google with two similar post for same target Keyword. I hope you understand.

Make a friendly relationship with your reader
Reader's are most important part of a blog always reply to your reader's as early you can make a good relation with them. Respect them to make respect you.

Final words : This is all about write a good blog post. Hope you understand. If you have any question please ask me.

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